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1814 Franklin Street #800 , Oakland , California 94612

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19th St. Oakland BART - 470 feet north west

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Free Consultation - The Brod Law Firm - San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer - Oakland Accident Attorney - Sacramento Injury Lawyer

Experienced personal injury law firm representing and fighting for individuals and small businesses' rights in personal injury, business law, oil & gas/energy law, attorney malpractice and sports law.

The Brod Law Firm - San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer - Oakland Accident Attorney - Sacramento Injury Lawyer.

Brod Law Firm is located in the Oakland area of California. There are at least 20 other listings in the 94612 postcode area.

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Medical facilities are growing. Hospitals stretch across multiple blocks and often seem like a small city. Visitors often need to stop at an information desk or consult a map to find their destination. In addition to medical personnel, large medical …
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There are few activities that involve more trust than the simple act of crossing the street. While we learn at an early age that we should look both ways before crossing, we still trust that stopped vehicles will remain stopped and that people will …
4/28/2015 4:37:49 PM

Sometimes health care fraud is a well-known secret, something a many in a company’s leadership know about and either passively or actively conceal. Likewise, a number of lower-level employees may know about and be asked to help perpetuate the fraud. …
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A bed bug is only about the size of an apple seed and, while an initial bite often goes unnoticed, repeated bites can cause itchy welts that get worse with continued exposure. A single female can lay 540 eggs(!!) in her 6 to 12 month lifetime, so …
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Identity theft is a common fear and a common problem. Readers of this blog know that identity theft is a problem that reaches beyond the financial sphere. Quite often, health care fraud cases involve an element of medical identity theft. In a …
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This September will mark the five-year anniversary of the massive San Bruno pipeline accident that killed eight and left dozens injured. Sadly, pipeline explosions remain a very real and very present threat as became all-too-clear to another …
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It’s a frightening image and one that many of us at The Brod Firm, your Santa Rosa personal injury law firm, have contemplated. Imagine you are in a car accident, that’s scary enough imagine that during the crash, you are thrown from your vehicle. …
4/17/2015 4:31:22 PM

Oil and gas are essential utilities that help keep our modern world moving and the oil and gas industries are important parts of our nation’s economy. However, as the residents of San Bruno know far too well, oil and gas lines can be incredibly …
4/15/2015 4:02:11 PM

At times, it seems like reading the paper or watching the news requires a level of detachment. With so many stories of personal tragedy, connecting emotionally with every report can be overwhelming. Yet, connecting the story to the law is a key part …
4/14/2015 4:09:35 PM

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