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Phoenix Criminal Lawyer David Michael Cantor defends clients facing criminal charges of DUI, drug charges, sex crimes, fraud, robbery, and homicide in Phoenix and throughout Arizona.

Arizona Criminal Attorney and Phoenix DUI Lawyer David Michael Cantor is an AV peer rated lawyer. He will fight for your rigths, call today for a free consultation.

Phoenix DUI Lawyer and Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney David Michael Cantor has the experience and aggressiveness you need. We are available 24/7 via phone 602-307-0808 or website for a Free Consultation to see how we can help you. We specialize in DUI, Sex Crime Defense, Criminal Defense, and White Collar Crime/Fraud. Our practice is specialized to ensure you get the defense you deserve.

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Law Offices of David Michael Cantor is located in the Phoenix area of Arizona. There are at least 20 other listings in the 85004 postcode area.

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Number of Employees: 11-50

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"Mr. Cantor is a good criminal defense attorney and generally of good ethics. There are rare instances when Mr....
Tue Nov 28 20:38:15 +0000 2017
David Cantor on ABC 15 Phoenix - 14-Year-Old facing Three 1st Degree Murder Charges in Crash: via @YouTube
Tue Nov 21 20:59:47 +0000 2017
David Michael Cantor on NBC 12 News Discussing Custodial Interference: via @YouTube
Tue Nov 21 20:53:32 +0000 2017
Wed Nov 15 16:16:08 +0000 2017
David Cantor provided some legal insight for ABC 15's coverage of this tragic situation. See the video from last...
Wed Nov 15 16:15:18 +0000 2017
"David was a great help in our case. We were prepared to go to court and he was able to get a rare plea agreement...
Sat Oct 21 17:21:21 +0000 2017
"I highly recommend this law firm. They are highly skilled and will educate you so you understand all aspects of...
Sat Oct 21 17:21:17 +0000 2017
"Was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor. I have used Elizabeth two times before, both cases were dismissed....
Sat Oct 14 10:45:52 +0000 2017
"Her level of research and drive enabled her to run circles around the prosecutor. Extremely intelligent. I hope...
Fri Sep 29 16:06:17 +0000 2017
"Daniel Hutto is an excellent attorney and a terrific advocate for his clients." - Reviewed by Daniel Hutto, via...
Sat Sep 23 21:30:51 +0000 2017

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Law Offices of David Michael Cantor
"Her level of research and drive enabled her to run circles around the prosecutor. Extremely intelligent. I hope to God I never need an attorney again, but if I calling her." - Reviewed by Sean, via Avvo
9/29/2017 4:06:11 PM
Law Offices of David Michael Cantor
"Daniel Hutto is an excellent attorney and a terrific advocate for his clients." - Reviewed by Daniel Hutto, via Martindale
9/23/2017 9:30:45 PM
Law Offices of David Michael Cantor
Thanks, Steven Benallie, for your excellent review. "Very happy with this team. I went to trial with Jason Karpel and we won. I am thankful for this firm and Jason. He fought for me and didn't back down. Every little thing he went after and didn't stop. Thank you."
8/9/2017 9:15:06 PM
Law Offices of David Michael Cantor
Thanks, Michael Alarid III, for your excellent review. "This is one of the best attorney's in town he helped my son in a very difficult case and got his case dismissed He has 5+ stars in my book"
8/3/2017 8:05:11 PM
Law Offices of David Michael Cantor
Thanks, anonymous, for your excellent review. "I had some issues with DPS showing incorrect information in their system which was preventing me from obtaining a firearm and from getting my passport reinstated. Elizabeth review the files and submitted a very detailed and thorough appeal to DPS which made them revise my records and clear up my history. If you want someone that know her business and pay attention to detail, hire Elizabeth."
7/27/2017 12:09:13 PM
Law Offices of David Michael Cantor
Thanks, Jim Kost, for your excellent review. "In April 2014, our family was faced with the most unfathomable legal battle any family could ever imagine. Having never been in trouble with law enforcement for nothing more than a speeding ticket, trying to determine where to turn for a lawyer we could trust, was something that we had absolutely no experience at. Having just turned 18 years old a few months prior, our son had been arrested and charged with 30 counts and was facing over 350 years in prison. How do you navigate that? Who do you turn to when something like this happens to your family? As we were in pure panic mode when he was arrested, we paused, took a breath and looked diligently at many firms. We ultimately found our comfort and confidence in The Cantor Law Firm. Their team was professional, knowledgeable and went right to work on navigating the tangled web of chaos presented for our son’s case. This wasn’t an easy task, as the case had prompted local, national and ultimately, worldwide media coverage. The team of lawyers and support staff assembled to battle what appeared to be a lost battle right out of the gate, was nothing short of amazing! Michael Alarid III, who was one of the lead attorneys assigned to our son’s case, did an incredible job, both inside and outside of the courtroom. His personal and hands on approach to his client was something that made all the difference in the outcome, and kept our son from serving the rest of his life in prison. Michael’s work ethic and long hours vested into bringing our son home, was exactly the type of attorney we were searching for when the chaos started. We are forever indebted to The Cantor Law Firm and hope this review helps other families faced with their own legal challenges. There are countless firms available to choose from, we’re thankful that we made the right choice when we selected this one. Jim and Angelique Kost"
7/27/2017 12:09:11 PM
Law Offices of David Michael Cantor
Thanks, claudia hadley, for your excellent review. "We could not be more satisfied with the Law Offices of David Michael Cantor and the services they provided us with. Michael Alarid, III was the lawyer assigned to our case. His sharp set of skills was worth every penny! We were extremely impressed especially in the court room. He had full confidence and control. He was on top of it and he knew every extensive detail about our case. Michael didn't beat around the bush; he kept things very real with us. He knew exactly what he was doing and he played his cards very smart. We would highly recommend this law firm to anyone. It makes all the difference in the world when you have someone like Michael and his team fighting for you and standing by your side. We felt very safe and our rights felt protected, hence the nick-name we gave him, Michael our Archangel. This was a very fearful time in our life, 60+ years in prison (worst case scenario.) Michael was able to get all the charges dismissed! ALL. We can assure anyone that with Michael and this law office, the best possible outcome will be received. We are beyond great-full."
7/25/2017 11:48:21 PM
Law Offices of David Michael Cantor
Thanks, scott johnson, for your excellent review. "If you find yourself in legal trouble of any magnitute you have 2 options. 1.Stress about it and take years off your life 2.Retain this law firm to represent you. They are the best at what they do and that is figure out how to ensure their clients can go home to their families. Aside from being friendly and very accessible, their knowledge and experience is unmatched in the phoenix area minimally. The BEST DECISION you can make after the stupid one you made breaking the HIRING THIS FIRM TO REPRESENT YOU. POINT BLANK"
7/19/2017 12:11:31 AM
Law Offices of David Michael Cantor
My mother and father in law hired them for my son. Michael Alarid is the attorney handling the cases. Yes, more than one. I am prayerful about a great resolution. A few days ago, I had a consultation regarding yet another charge the state has made against my son, one I KNOW he is is innocent on...You know, rack up the charges, rack up the money. I get the game now. Not a game I ever wanted to or wished to understand. But, here I am playing along. The truth is, my son is an amazing person....He made some bad choices, but none with which he is charged. Upon reading the lengthy police reports, I am sickened. I am sickened about how officers, whom I respected, twist words to profit our prison systems. It's a disgrace. As is our justice system. Really, when hiring an attorney you must remember that LIFE is a game, and court proceedings are a game. It's a "Russian roulette" for your family, but to them (the legal firms, courts, and prosecutors and officers) it's more like a game of chess....KING MATE. I do respect the Law Office, but I am overwhelmed by the fees, and the continued fees just to maintain your innocence (any firm I am certain). As a teacher, I could never afford to protect myself. It's sad. In this State, more specifically, County, I recommend that you hire an attorney because a "free one" works just like that...It's a disgrace. I will update the status of this review when I hear of any offers, or when they are able to MAKE the prosecutor (works for the county, remember...and jails and prisons are for vote wisely) understand the reality of the situation. Not once has he spoken to officers, yet the report says he did. So, so shameful. Shame on us (Citizens) for allowing this to continue. In any case, in the moment I am happy with his representation. I don't know what has been done, honestly because we have yet to have a hearing regarding the actual charges and offers. I will be absolutely disgusted if he is convicted. (the cost factor is why only 4/5, it's not personal).
7/5/2017 11:30:26 PM
Law Offices of David Michael Cantor
Jason is the most reliable & hard working attorney I have ever dealt with.
6/4/2017 1:40:36 PM

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