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689 Massachusetts Avenue , Cambridge , Massachusetts 02139

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Central Square Station - 243 feet south east

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The law offices of Altman & Altman, LLP has been representing victims for nearly 50 years. Our experienced lawyers have handled a full range of personal injury cases, from car accidents, slip & fall injuries, dogbite injuries to catastrophic injuries and wrongful death cases. Every detail in a case is examined to see how it may best help the client's case. Call now for a free consultation of your personal injury case.

Free Phone Consultation. Call 617-492-3000. Available 24/7. Free Consultation (617) 492-3000. Experienced Boston Attorneys Altman & Altman LLP handling Personal Injury and Accident cases.

Injury law firm that has been representing victims for the past 45 years. Our experienced lawyers have handled all types of injury and accident claims.

Free Consultation (617) 492-3000. Experienced Boston Attorneys Altman & Altman LLP handling Personal Injury and Accident cases. .

Altman & Altman, LLP is located in the Cambridge area of Massachusetts. There is 1 other listing in the 02139 postcode area.

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Can a Disorderly Conduct Charge be Dropped?
Tue Apr 24 18:37:24 +0000 2018
Was Prince’s 2016 Death an Accident or a Crime?
Tue Apr 24 15:19:35 +0000 2018
MA Supreme Court Rules that Stun Guns Cannot be Banned
Tue Apr 24 15:18:08 +0000 2018
Family of Mass Shooting Victim Sues Online Gun Seller
Tue Apr 24 15:15:35 +0000 2018
Fri Apr 20 21:44:07 +0000 2018
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Thu Apr 19 20:17:48 +0000 2018
Surprising Facts About Crime in the U.S. (and Boston)
Thu Apr 19 20:14:31 +0000 2018
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Thu Apr 19 19:49:21 +0000 2018
Vermont’s Strict New Gun Laws Are Making History
Thu Apr 19 14:11:45 +0000 2018

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If you have a newer model car or truck, it is likely that your vehicle is equipped with a lane departure warning system. A recent study conducted by the insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) concluded that this technology significantly reduces the rate of serious injuries and deaths in a motor vehicle accident. Auto manufacturers introduce new vehicle safety features every year, but not all are as effective as planned. [ 533 more words ]
4/25/2018 5:10:06 PM

Disorderly conduct charges are some of the most common criminal charges in MA, and nationwide. You can get charged with disorderly conduct for anything from shouting in public late at night to getting into a bar fight. Not surprisingly, alcohol is a common factor. Fortunately, disorderly conduct charges are usually for relatively minor offenses…but a criminal record is a criminal record. [ 599 more words ]
4/24/2018 6:37:22 PM

No criminal charges will be filed in Prince’s fentanyl overdose, which resulted in the star’s 2016 death. On Thursday, authorities announced that there was no evidence linking a specific person or persons to his fatal dose of the powerful drug. Even so, Michael Schulenberg, the Minnesota doctor who treated Prince in the weeks leading up to his death, has settled a $30,000 civil suit for an illegal prescription. [ 594 more words ]
4/24/2018 3:19:32 PM

This week, Massachusetts’ top court ruled that the state’s stun gun and taser ban is unconstitutional. According to the ruling, stun guns cannot be fully banned because they are classified as “arms,” and therefore, protected by the Second Amendment. However, they can be regulated. In its ruling, the Supreme Court stated that: "Having received guidance from the Supreme Court, we now conclude that stun guns are 'arms' within the protection of the Second Amendment. [ 555 more words ]
4/24/2018 3:18:06 PM

Mass shootings have dominated the media in recent months and years, resulting in a heated debate about gun control laws nationwide. The number one question following every one of these tragedies is: How did the shooter get a gun? In many recent mass shootings, the shooter obtained the gun legally, prompting many Americans to call for stricter gun legislation at the state and federal levels. [ 576 more words ]
4/24/2018 3:15:32 PM

We have been talking about the tragic murder of Police Officer Sean Gannon and his reputed assassin, Thomas Latanowich (hereinafter, the “Defendant”). Yesterday I shared with you a petition which is online to answer the latest call to penalize judges for the actions certain defendants take. I think I made my position on that issue relatively clear. Now, let me explain… [ 693 more words ]
4/20/2018 9:44:03 PM

Last Friday, we ended the week with the tragic story of a slain police officer. He was murdered in the line of duty. His alleged killer was a man with a criminal record “as long as your arm”. Maybe longer. The murder took place in Yarmouth. The officer was the late Yarmouth Police Officer Sean Gannon. The gent with the record is accused of killing Officer Gannon is Thomas Latanowich (hereinafter, the “Defendant”). [ 638 more words ]
4/19/2018 9:17:23 PM

Construction is widely known as one of the most dangerous occupations, but many common construction accidents—and their resulting injuries—are easily preventable. By grouping the most common causes of construction accidents into different categories, we can better understand why they occur and how to prevent them. The four most common construction accident categories are as follows: Electrical incidents: Electrocution is common in the construction industry, and this type of injury is often fatal. [ 576 more words ]
4/19/2018 8:17:45 PM

If you base your knowledge of crime on what is presented by the media, and the Trump administration, it would be easy to assume that U.S. crime is at an all-time high. However, quite the opposite is true. Here are some surprising facts about current crime rates, nationwide. Drop in Violent Crimes The rate of violent crime has dropped dramatically over the past 25 years, following its peak in the early 1990s. [ 552 more words ]
4/19/2018 8:14:27 PM

Earlier this week, a tragic accident involving a 16-year-old boy and an automatic seat in a Honda Odyssey Minivan occurred in Cincinnati, Ohio. As he reached into the back of the minivan to retrieve tennis equipment, Kyle Plush became trapped between the vehicle’s third row of seats and its rear gate. According to reports, the seats flipped backward as the high school sophomore was kneeling on them, trapping him in the cargo well. [ 543 more words ]
4/19/2018 7:49:17 PM

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