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750 Hammond Drive, Suite 5-100 , Atlanta , Georgia 30328

(404) 250-1113








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Hammond Dr NE @ Glenridge Dr NE - 342 feet south west

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Representing clients throughout Georgia and metro Atlanta, DUI Lawyer William C. Head will fight to acquit your DUI charge in GA. Hire the leading DUI attorney in the state of Georgia to protect your freedom.

The Law Office of Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis defend those wrongfully accused of drunk driving throughout the entire State of Georgia.

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Thomas, Webb and Willis, LLC is located in the Atlanta area of Georgia. There are at least 20 other listings in the 30328 postcode area.

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In a court of law, impairment must be proven. With an attorney from Head, Thomas, Webb, and Willis, you know that you will be in good hands.
Sun Apr 12 23:09:14 +0000 2015
Drugs include prescriptions! Get a DD if you are on pain medication. Many people underestimate their strength.
Sat Apr 11 23:09:18 +0000 2015
Learn about Georgia’'s drunk driving laws
Fri Apr 10 23:09:14 +0000 2015
Poor decision making can have the potential of derailing the rest of your life. Don'’t let this happen. Call us at (678) 381-8062.
Thu Apr 09 23:09:19 +0000 2015
Don'’t be fooled by wine coolers. The average wine cooler is 1.5% more powerful than the average beer!
Wed Apr 08 23:09:24 +0000 2015
Did you know there are many things that can cause a false positive when breathing into a breathalyzer?
Tue Apr 07 23:09:29 +0000 2015
Did you know blood alcohol level is calculated using the weight of alcohol in milligrams and the volume of blood in deciliters?
Mon Apr 06 23:09:34 +0000 2015
Preparing for a night out? Be prepared by reviewing designated driver services here
Sun Apr 05 23:09:16 +0000 2015
Remember that a blood alcohol test is voluntary; you have the right to refuse to take one.
Sat Apr 04 23:09:18 +0000 2015
Alcohol is a factor in almost half of all traffic fatalities. Before picking up those keys, think twice and ask for a lift!
Fri Apr 03 23:09:16 +0000 2015

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After a jury trial, appellant Mellecia Spencer was convicted of one count of driving under the influence of alcohol (less safe) and one count of possession of an open container. She appealed the judgment of conviction and sentence only as to the conviction for DUI. The Court of Appeals affirmed her conviction. The Georgia Supreme Court granted Spencer’s petition for certiorari to consider whether the Court of Appeals erred in holding that the trial court properly admitted a police officer’s testimony correlating the results of a horizontal gaze nystagmus (“HGN”) test with a numeric blood alcohol content or “BAC”. Because the Court found this testimony was admitted without a sufficient foundation having been laid under Harper v. State, 292 SE2d 389 (1982), it reversed the judgment of conviction and sentence with respect to the DUI.
3/21/2018 12:25:12 AM

The attorneys at Thomas and Willis can provide counseling and advice about whether and how to inform your employer.
12/5/2017 11:59:24 PM

You have the right to refuse a field sobriety test in Georgia, but it may lead to your arrest and suspension of your license.
10/21/2017 11:13:35 PM

What happens after a DUI arrest in Georgia? The first step is to get out of jail.
10/11/2017 1:02:44 AM

Unlike many states that have per se limits for certain drugs, Georgia law does not specify the level of any drug required to create presumption of intoxication.
9/30/2017 12:32:20 AM

The Georgia 10 day DUI rule allows residents of Fulton County and throughout the state an opportunity to appeal DUI-related license suspensions. Unfortunately, if you fail to respond within the 10-day period after your arrest, you lose this right and your suspension becomes automatic. At Thomas, Webb, and Willis, LLC, we understand the serious impacts this can have on your life. Call (404) 250-1113 anytime for a free DUI case consultation.
10/21/2016 3:57:43 PM

Did you know that you can be arrested for a DUI in Georgia even if you never actually got behind the wheel of a car? Many people are not aware of this fact, and the confusion leads to some unfortunate charges.
9/20/2016 5:09:29 PM

Simply being investigated for a white collar crime requires that you seek professional legal assistance. White collar crime charges can destroy your career and could potentially result in the loss of your freedom. At Thomas, Webb, and Willis, LLC, our experienced white collar crime defense team is standing by 24/7 ready to help you. (404) 250-1113.
9/6/2016 5:15:25 PM

Under Georgia law, if your blood alcohol content is found to be over 0.08, or if you refuse to take a breathalyzer test at all, you will face an impending administrative suspension of your driver’s license. If you've recently been arrested for a DUI in Atlanta contact the DUI law firm of Thomas, Webb & Willis immediately to setup a free case review. (404) 250-1113.
8/23/2016 4:55:21 PM

If you're charged with #selling #drugs or #making drugs, what should your next steps be? Your next step should be finding the best #drug #attorneys in #Atlanta. Look no further than Thomas, Webb & Willis, LLC. Call the #criminal #defense professionals today to learn more about how we can assist with your case. Dial (404) 250-1113 to setup a free case consultation.
7/12/2016 1:42:12 PM

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