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Brian M. Fishman is a Philadelphia trial lawyer. He has been practicing for over 12 years and his primary focus is on the defense of individuals charged with criminal offenses. He also represents those injured by the negligence of others in car accidents and premise liability cases, those served to appear in Philadelphia Family Court for Protection from Abuse Orders, custody, support or divorce cases and those wrongfully accused of criminal offenses or victims of police brutality or excessive force by law enforcement.

Brad Wilson is located in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania. There are at least 11 other listings in the 19107 postcode area.

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The Fishman Firm, LLC
Unlike many states, life means life in Pennsylvania. If convicted of first- or second-degree murder, the only sentence a judge can impose is life in prison (or death). For a small segment of lifers that changed with the SCOTUS decision in Miller v. Alabama. That case held that it was cruel and unusual punishment to sentence a juvenile (one who committed a murder when under 18) to life without parole. It reasoned, among other things, that a juvenile's brain (specifically, the frontal lobe responsible for decision-making) is not fully developed. Now, juvenile lifers, of which PA has more than any other state, are getting a second chance. After serving 3-4 decades behind bars, about 70 have been released. They will remain on parole for the rest of their lives. The hope is that a 15-17 year old who is now in his 40s-50s will not reoffend. And, so far not a single one has. It's important, not only for themselves, but for other lifers that they not violate parole. If they do, they risk freedom for themselves and for others who come after them. "Many feel they’ve been granted both an extraordinary privilege and a grave responsibility." We here at The Fishman Firm commend the years of hard work and litigation that has led to these releases as we believe in rehabilitation and giving people a second chance. We have written about these cases often at where you can learn more about Miller and related cases that led to the release of juvenile lifers. Now it's your turn: Let us know in the comments your thoughts. It's definitely a touchy subject. Some feel "an eye for an eye". The victim can't get another chance so why should the killer? We certainly understand that viewpoint as well. Don't be shy, we want to hear from you.
9/7/2017 2:30:38 PM
The Fishman Firm, LLC
Our president may not have read the constitution and Bill of Rights that a person arrested by police is presumed innocent. Thankfully, your attorney has. Trump encouraged police officers to treat suspects as convicted criminals by assaulting them and therefore doesn't understand the constitution he was sworn to uphold. Thankfully, many police departments, including the DEA, are standing up to the president to say they will not treat suspects in that fashion. That being said, if you are the victim of police brutality or excessive force, please contact our office for a free consultation.
8/2/2017 12:23:46 AM
The Fishman Firm, LLC
We are proud to announce that Brian Fishman has been selected as a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer in the area of criminal defense for the third consecutive year. Prior to these selections, Brian was chosen as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers three times between 2010 and 2014. Brian represents individuals charged with criminal offenses including DUI, sexual assault, gun possession, and drug possession in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. If you or a loved one have been arrested or are under investigation, please contact Brian for a free consultation.
5/16/2017 6:40:12 PM
The Fishman Firm, LLC
SCAM ALERT: Our firm has been contacted by a number of parents/grandparents claiming that their "child/grandchild" has been arrested for a DUI and they must send money to "our firm" for their bail or legal fees. These calls are generally coming from a Google Voice phone number. Please know that these calls are not from our office or from the true child/grandchild. You should not send money to any account that this person provides. If you suspect that a call may be fraudulent, please contact our office first. We are investigating the matter and trying to get to the bottom of it. Thank you for your continued support of our firm.
5/9/2017 6:37:29 PM
The Fishman Firm, LLC
With the sad rise in hate crimes aimed towards Muslims, Jews, gays, blacks, women and others, it's important to understand Pennsylvania's hate crime laws. In Pennsylvania, theses crimes are referred to as ethnic intimidation and can only be charged in conjunction with some underlying charge where the alleged motivation is hate or ethnic intimidation. Please be kind to each other in these difficult times as nobody should be the victim of crime because of his/her sex, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
3/28/2017 3:06:38 PM
The Fishman Firm, LLC
Learn more about our managing partner, Brian Fishman, on his Justia profile. This listing includes YouTube videos by Brian on topics including motions to suppress, Rule 600, ARD, what a first time DUI offender can expect, expungements and more. You can also read answers to questions Brian has provided to individuals seeking legal advice and information.
3/21/2017 10:14:47 PM
The Fishman Firm, LLC
We couldn't file petitions to protect our client's rights. We would have no one to answer our firm's phone, speak with clients and their loved ones and run our office. We would have no court criers or clerks in most courtrooms and half the judges would be gone. We would have no assistance in making a firm deposit at the bank. These are just a few of the important firm functions that we could not complete without women. Therefore, on #InternationalWomensDay we would like to thank all of the women that contribute to our success. We would especially like to thank Abby Fishman, Susan Fishman, Lynne Jacobus, Judi Jacobus, Val Williams and Diane Curcio.
3/8/2017 7:34:41 PM
The Fishman Firm, LLC
We are very proud that Brian Fishman has been rated as one of the three best rated criminal defense attorneys in Philadelphia since 2013. We'd like to thank our clients for your continued support of our firm's efforts to defend the criminally-accused and act as a zealous advocate to protect the constitutional rights of all. We hope to continue this same advocacy for years to come.
2/15/2017 4:26:45 PM
The Fishman Firm, LLC
We are very proud that Brian Fishman has been rated as one of the three best rated criminal defense attorneys in Philadelphia since 2013. We'd like to thank our clients for your continued support of our firm's efforts to defend the criminally-accused and act as a zealous advocate to protect the constitutional rights of all. We hope to continue this same advocacy for years to come.
2/15/2017 4:26:44 PM
The Fishman Firm, LLC
Many feel intimidated and nervous when interacting with police. That's natural. However, in Philadelphia (and elsewhere) you have a constitutional right to refuse to consent to the search of your person, your car or your home. And, you should exercise that right. If police have probable cause to perform a search, let them obtain a search warrant. Many feel that it will be held against them if they don't consent however that simply is not the case. This is your constitutional right to privacy and you should not give it up. #PhiladelphiaCriminalLawyer #SearchAndSeizure
2/6/2017 4:30:51 PM

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