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250 Civic Center Drive Suite 480 , Columbus , Ohio 43215

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Marshall & Forman LLC provides zealous representation and quality legal advice backed by over 31 years of experience. Please contact our experienced Columbus attorneys today by calling (614) 463-9790.

Marshall and Forman LLC is located in the Columbus area of Ohio. There are at least 20 other listings in the 43215 postcode area.

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Columbus Attorneys Can Assist with Your Employment Law Cases Marshall & Forman LLC have successfully tried numerous employment law cases for clients. They are in business to protect your rights. Contact them today for a free initial consultation. #marshall&formanemploymentattorneyscolumbus #columbuslaborlawyers #columbusmarshall&formanemploymentattorneys
10/5/2017 11:15:06 PM

Columbus Employment Law and Civil Rights Attorneys If you need to talk to a Columbus Employment Law Attorney about your case, contact the attorneys at Marshall & Forman LLC. They have successfully represented their clients in a variety of employment law claims. #marshall&formanemploymentlawattorneys #columbusohioemploymentattorneysmarshall&forman #ohiocivilrightslawyers
10/4/2017 9:22:12 PM

Employers and the Older Aged Worker It has been half a century since lawmakers passed the Age Discrimination Act. Some issues have changed, some have not. Read more here. #olderworkerstoday #workforceneedallemployees #howlongtowork You Want to Work Longer. Will Employers Cooperate?
10/2/2017 6:49:11 PM

Judge Rules Company Discriminated Against Pregnant Employee The judge ruled that the plaintiff did not need a trial because the discrimination evidence was so clear. The remaining question is if the court should issue an injunction against the company to prevent future violations of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. Read more here. #pregnancyandworkschedules #pregnancydiscriminationinohio #workandpregnancy
9/29/2017 12:20:12 PM

Experienced Columbus Wrongful Termination Attorneys As an employee, you do have federal and state laws that are in the books and can be used when you are wrongfully terminated from your job. Contact Marshall & Forman LLC today to set up an initial consultation about your case. #columbusohioemploymentattorneysmarshall&forman #marshall&formanwrongfulterminationlawyers #ohiodiscriminationlawyers
9/26/2017 6:51:04 PM

A New Issue For Employees To Tackle: Work Schedule Predictability Now that many employees have had a boost in minimum wage pay, the new issue employees face is work schedule predictability. Some employees are scheduled to close, then scheduled to open the next day. Read more here. #workschedulepredictability #employeesandworkschedules #workhoursonanormalschedule
9/25/2017 11:25:12 AM

Ohio and Other States Look For Ways to Help the Poor pay Court Fees and Fines States are looking for ways to eliminate jail time for those who cannot pay court fees and fines. It can become a never-ending cycle. Read more here. #finesfeesandjailtime #unabletopaygotojail #columbuscivilrightslawyers
9/21/2017 11:00:25 AM

Top Discrimination Attorneys in Columbus If you are in need of a skilled reputable discrimination attorney in the Columbus area, turn to Marshall & Forman LLC. They have successfully represented many discrimination cases in the Columbus metro area. #marshall&formandiscriminationlawyerscolumbus #columbusdiscriminationattorneys #civilrightsattorneysatmarshall&forman
9/19/2017 11:30:15 AM

U.S. Justice Department Changes Position on Inactive Voter Purge in Ohio When presidential administration's change, the U.S. Justice Department often alters previous positions, and this just happened in Ohio. It is now legal for Ohio to purge inactive voters from the database. Read more here. #ohiovoterpurgechange #usadministrationchangeaffectscivilrights #columbuscivilrightslawyers
9/18/2017 11:35:14 AM

Meet the Staff at Marshall & Forman LLC Marshall & Forman LLC is comprised of skillful attorneys who practice civil rights law and employment law. If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area and need legal counsel in these areas, contact the firm today. #employmentlawyercolumbusmarshall&forman #columbuscivilrightsattorneys #marshall&formanstaff
9/13/2017 1:38:07 PM

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