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The Law Firm of Thurman & Flanagin, founded in 2003 and has represented thousands of individuals in a wide variety of legal cases and situations. The majority of the representation has been on behalf of those injured in an accident, disabled and seeking benefits, or facing criminal charges and needing a zealous representation.

Gregory Thurman is located in the Eureka Springs area of Arkansas. There are at least 11 other listings in the 72632 postcode area.

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Stevi Smith
******BOYCOTT NOTICE****** I want to share a review with you, that I just left on Emerald Forrest shop in Eureka Springs. We're visiting from out of town and we are in COMPLETE SHOCK!!!!! The store owner was extremely discriminatory against plus-size women and I do not appreciate it. Something needs to be done!!!! First, where do I start?!?!? We walked into store- myself my mother and my grandmother and immediately were told that there was nothing there for us. Singling out my mother, who is a plus size woman. My mom then proceeded to tell her that there is a 1x shirt in the window. The lady then told her oh, those are California sizes they won't fit you. And I said what sizes do you go up to and she said 3x, but they're not going to fit. I said, well let's find out. We let it go and continued to shop. We then went to their room next door, where there were two small steps that you had to step down in order to get into that shop. The lady looked at my mother, and said "I don't think you can get down the steps !" My mom then told her no, that won't be a problem, I can make it down them just fine. And then the lady proceeded to tell her no I don't think you can!!! After my mom made her way down the stairs just fine, she went over to a clothing rack to look at clothes that were 60% off. She was moving the hangers one by one and it was kind of a tight space so she pushed a couple hangers down the rack and that is when the old lady went off. She claimed that by us moving the hangers down the rack, it was going to damage the thread and the beads. My mom said to her very loudly, fine!! I can tell you don't want me here, I'm leaving. My grandma told her she wasn't getting any of her money and we were leaving. The more it sunk in, I went back in. I asked her to clarify so there was no misunderstanding of what was going on. Flat out asked her are you kicking my mother out because she is overweight? She repeatedly told me, and extremely rude in tone/voice that she had nothing there for my mom. I went on to tell them that is discrimination. That is when her spawn employee grabbed my arm and physically pushed me towards thw door and said I needed to leave the store. I was then informed the horrible, wretched woman was the owner. I am NOT SURE HOW SHE STAYS IN BUSINESS!!!!!!! I have NEVER felt so harrased in my life!!! The amount of discrimination this old woman has shown proves she is just a miserable, insecure lonley woman. Hey lady , dont worry.....FAT DOESNT RUB OFF ON TO OLD WASHED UP HAGS. BOY, MY MOM CAN LOSE WEIGHT AND STILL BE GORGEOUS!!!!! INNER AND OUT UGLY STAYS NO MATTER WHAT!!!! I FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR SAD, MISERABLE LIFE. HAVING TO JUDGE WHAT PAYING CUSTOMER YOU WANT TO COME IN; HAS TO MAKE YOU FEEL GREAT!!! HOPE YOU'RE NOT A MOTHER, THAT ATTITUDE DOESN'T NEED TO BE SPAWNED OFF!!!! HOPE YOUR BUSINESS FAILS!!!!
10/11/2015 12:45:19 PM
Nikki Mira Possible
You see I have this problem!!! And due to state law I can't seem to get any attorney to talk to me about it!!! But when I was going through the phone book I seen Thurman's name and I remembered that he was the Attorney that got me my disability back in 2002 in 4 months without a denial letter even being handed to me. I guess times have changed because now people have to get a denial before they can even hire an attorney. But I was in a Car Accident in Feb. of this year and both me and my child were injured. The moral of the story is I had some other things happen over the summer and my current attorney on my case (after I turned down his small offer cause I was going to go get another opinion) called medicare and told them dates, Drs names, etc. etc. and said that that all had to do with the car accident and had nothing to do with it. So both medicare and the insurance company I am suing have been paying on medical expenses that had nothing to do with my car accident injuries!!! As soon as I get medicare all the paper work they want and need they plan on doing an internal investigation on this attorney. I just am not sure how to get rid of him without being stuck with a bill I can not afford!!!! And this is not my real name on here either you have to be on my actual friends list to know who I really am due too an order of protection and permanent restraining order till the day I die that I have out on my ex husband. Sorry
10/29/2014 5:11:29 PM

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