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With the retirement of my partner, Gerald Altman, I am now the sole proprietor of our firm, which has served New England for more than fifty years. Today, our firm represents a wide range of clients interested in protecting their inventions with patents and their trademarks with trademark registrations.

Steven Martin is located in the Boston area of Massachusetts. There are at least 7 other listings in the 02108 postcode area.

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Altman & Martin
A 'patent pending' statement on your product can discourage the competition and inform them that they may lose money if the patent is issued.
9/25/2017 12:20:12 PM
Altman & Martin
In exchange for a patent, the inventor must disclose enough information about the invention so that anyone else can use the invention after the patent expires.
9/24/2017 11:50:06 AM
Altman & Martin
To receive a patent for an invention, the invention must meet three requirements: it must be useful, novel, and not obvious. A patent attorney can explain what these requirements mean.
9/23/2017 11:20:11 AM
Altman & Martin
A utility patent is given to a new process, an item that is made or manufactured, or a machine. Anyone can file an application for a utility patent, or an application for a plant or design patent. However, most people are referring to a utility patent when speaking of patents.
9/22/2017 10:45:15 AM
Altman & Martin
A U.S. patent functions the same way that patents did in the early 1600s. It prevents anyone besides the inventor from practicing an invention for up to 20 years. After that, anyone can use the invention. Even today, patents are not renewable.
9/21/2017 10:15:16 AM
Altman & Martin
There are two main categories of intellectual property (IP): industrial property and copyright. Industrial property includes inventions (patents), trademarks, industrial designs, and geographic indications. Copyright includes literary and artistic works such as novels, poems, plays, films, drawings, and paintings.
9/20/2017 9:45:13 AM
Altman & Martin
In the United States, in inventor must have an issued patent to stop others from making, using, or selling the invention. When an inventor states 'patent pending' on his product, it refers to the fact that an application in the patent office has been filed, not that a patent has issued.
9/19/2017 9:10:12 AM
Altman & Martin
A patent application is a request for property rights from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. With a patent in hand, other people can't sell, use or make your invention in the U.S.
9/18/2017 8:40:15 PM
Altman & Martin
The idea of patents dates back to 1474, when the Republic of Venice decreed that new and inventive devices had to be communicated to the Republic to obtain the right to prevent others from using them.
9/18/2017 8:40:13 AM
Altman & Martin
The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office recommends that inventors hire a patent attorney or agent for help with the complex patent process.
9/17/2017 8:10:08 PM

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