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Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro P.C. is a dynamic multi-service law firm that is committed to providing every client with personal attention and superior legal service. From our centrally located Quincy office we provide legal advice and counsel to individuals, businesses, and families throughout the South Shore and metro Boston.

Call our team of talented lawyers at (781) 202-6929. We are committed to offering effective legal representation at reasonable rates. We strive to create value by using the most effective legal tools to achieve our clients' desired result.


Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro P.C. is located in the Quincy area of Massachusetts. There are at least 3 other listings in the 02169 postcode area.

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Commercial leases typically divvy up the costs for maintaining a building and property amongst the tenants. These costs are called common area maintenance expenses, CAM for short. Leases can be structured in many different ways, and the devil is in the details. Below are a few provisions to review closely to limit post-occupancy surprises. Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro P.C.
9/19/2017 12:21:01 PM

Massachusetts General Laws define financial exploitation as the substantial monetary or property loss of an elderly person due to an act or omission of another person. Financial exploitation occurs in the form of internet scams, forging signatures on checks, the illicit use of credit cards and the misuse of a power of attorney. It also includes exerting undue influence over an elderly person to convince them to transfer assets or change his or her Will, Trust, Durable Power of Attorney or other estate planning documents. Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro P.C.
9/10/2017 1:17:00 PM

You may be surprised to learn that your health insurance provider has the right to assert a lien for the repayment of benefits paid on your behalf with regard to your personal injury case. This is what’s called demand for subrogation. Subrogation is premised upon the concept that a person should not have their medical bills paid twice, once by his/her health insurer, and a second time in the form of a settlement or judgment for damages.
8/18/2017 12:55:00 PM

The Quincy Law Firm of Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro, P.C., in conjunction with the South Shore Bank, invites parents of students headed off to college — even if it is not their first year – to a free seminar to assist them in preparing for an unexpected adversity. Scheduled for August 23rd, this seminar provides three important tools to protect against some serious legal, medical and financial difficulties that can occur when your over-18 year old child leaves home. Entitled Three Critical but Easy Protections to Put in Place for Your College-Bound Child, this 45-minute seminar will be conducted at the South Shore Bank Operations Center at 1584 Main Street, Weymouth (adjacent to the Main Office on Route 18) on August 23rd. It will be offered at both 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.
8/9/2017 12:01:00 PM

While most residential real estate transactions proceed to a closing very smoothly– some do not–and it’s in those rare occasions you will wish you had an attorney representing you. For example, what if the seller had agreed to leave all of the appliances and furniture with the home, and when you did your final walk-through of the property in advance of closing they were not there. This has happened. Will the “bank attorney” help you through this situation and ensure that you receive appropriate credit or other compensation for this? Probably not, as the bank attorney’s alliance is to his or her primary client, the bank. You will be on your own in negotiating a resolution in this scenario. Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro P.C.
8/3/2017 12:09:00 PM

A majority of married couples file their tax returns jointly, but what are your options when you are divorced or in the midst of getting divorced? If your divorce is final by the last day of the calendar year you can no longer file jointly. In that case, you must file either “single” or “head of household”. Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro P.C.
7/11/2017 2:31:00 PM

Although it is still a widely used term, Executor/Executrix is the former name of the position that is now called Personal Representative in Massachusetts. When creating a Last Will a Testament, the Testator/Testatrix, or person creating the Will, must choose one or two trusted people to make sure that their wishes will be carried out. This trusted person is the Personal Representative. If you have been named as the Executor/Executrix in a Will and the Testator/Testatrix passes away, you are now the Personal Representative in charge of the Decedent’s estate; what do you do now? Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro P.C.
6/30/2017 12:52:51 PM

Small Business Administration (“SBA”) programs are designed to support small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing access to capital, contracts and counseling. The SBA is governed by an Administrator (who must be confirmed by the Senate) supported by a team of deputy and local administrators. This article will provide an overview of the SBA, an explanation of typical SBA loans, a summary of the three key SBA loan programs and a description of important legal considerations involved in SBA financing. Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro P.C.
6/19/2017 12:46:00 PM

Generally when a single person sells their primary residence they can exclude up to $250,000.00 in equity from capital gain (for couples who are married and filing jointly the exclusion is up to $500,000.00). In other words you do not have to pay any taxes on the first $250,000.00 (again $500,000.00 for married couples) in profit from the sale of your primary residence. Of course to qualify for this exclusion the homeowner must have lived in the house as their primary residence for 2 out of the last 5 years immediately preceding the sale. Some complications arise if you have more than one residence or if the property was used as rental property in that time frame. Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro P.C.
6/14/2017 12:44:00 PM

Although Massachusetts private employers are not required to grant vacation time to their employees, many do as benefit to employment. When an employer decides to offer paid vacation time they must be aware that the vacation time accrued or earned under an oral or written agreement with the employee is treated the same as an earned wage under the Massachusetts Wage Act. Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro P.C.
5/15/2017 11:15:00 AM

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